10 Ayurvedic Beauty Brands You Should Know

10 Ayurvedic Beauty Brands You Should Know

Nowadays people are very concerned about beauty and who does not want inner beauty along with outer beauty?

Ayurveda believes that true beauty consists of three vital elements: a nurturing body, a balanced mind, and a peaceful soul. In other words, outer beauty is a reflection of one's inner health and well-being.

Ayurveda, the Indian healing science, originated by ancient civilizations of India has always emphasized holistic wellbeing. Ayurveda is designed to balance the Dosha (bio- elements) through the wholesome diet, lifestyle changes and skin care system.  Ayurveda is a sister practice to yoga and it's really about keeping your body in balance, so why not nourish your skin with a philosophy that nurtures your health?

Check here practical tips for achieving the healthy skin you crave.


  •         Determine your body type and customized skin care recommendations for each Dosha
  •         Take advice from expert for chronic skin problems
  •         Mindful awareness for Essential nutritional information
  •         Follow Daily routines (Dincharya) to balance the Doshas
  •         Detoxifying rituals (Panchkarma) for the body and mind

Ayurveda For Your Skincare

Ayurvedic beauty brands are "the beauty world’s best-kept secret to date," taking note of Ayurveda's growing popularity in the mainstream.

People manoeuvring turmeric lattes, possibly a flour-based face mask, Amla – a powerful antioxidant for face & hair and even an Ashwagandha supplement. But some Ayurvedic brands have made it even easier to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your routine.

But the most exciting thing for product junkies might be how many luxury Ayurvedic beauty brands are out there now and which one to choose.  

Here is a list of the 10 Ayurvedic beauty brands you need to pamper your skin with.


Nirogam is a skincare brand for the kind of enthusiast that’s looking for something reliable and requisite for them. They have taken complex procedures from these time-honored beauty rituals to offer an easy-to-use, modern look at this traditional facial therapy system, which makes their products extra appealing. The Rose Face Pack and Sandal Face Pack with Multani is divine and one can easily use it.


Every product in Pratima’s line is handmade by founder Pratima Raichur (an Ayurvedic doctor with expertise in chemistry and botany), accompanied within the wisdom of ancient science to promote health and wellness. Pratima Rejuvenating Essential Oil, a post-cleansing must-have for anyone with very dry skin, and the Liposomes Vitamin C Serum, which offers an in-depth reflection on living holistically. Pratima also has a spa for Ayurvedic massage in New York City.


Rasasara is an Australian-based Ayurvedic beauty brand, founded by Sonia Lloyd. The products are handcrafted in Surrey Hills by Sonia Lloyd & her expert team. After using traditional beauty products to heal her own skin (over 18 years ago), Sonia began offering handmade, organic, Ayurvedic formulations to those who had tried many products or natural formulations but had not been successful. Here, you will not only find products for skin and hair, but also products for babies.

4.Jiva Apoha

Jiva Apoha was founded by Brooklynite Angela Shore for the most amazing range of healing and beautifying oils for face and body. All the preparations of Jiva Apoha are natural, organic, and made up of herbs, minerals, flowers, plants, and therapeutic grade essential oils. These can be chosen for their particular beneficial properties, which promises to refresh and empower. Face Oil and Body Oil are perfectly and flagrantly complemented one another.

5.Sundara Holistic

Sundara was created by a New York based Ayurvedic practitioner Kiera Nachman to heal and nurture not only the skin but the whole body and mind. Sundara Holistic includes a full range of skincare even for Psoriasis. The products are handmade and are prepared while chanting ancient Vedic mantras. One of their best products is Brahmi Hair Oil, which features Brahmi, an Ayurvedic herb that's said to promote brain health, nervous system health, and hair growth. It is a rejuvenating herb and good for the brain cells and memory.

6.Arya Essentials

Arya Essentials was founded by Shadoh Punnapuzha and he is passionate about every single herb that goes into each bottle. Their team works with doctors in India to formulate a wide range of skincare oils and creams. Arya Essentials combines pure Ayurveda & the latest technology to unlock skin's inner radiance. Arya Essentials revitalizes your skin from a holistic perspective with pure, high-quality natural ingredients. Some of their products are Intensive Eye Balm, Botanical Cleanser, an oil cleanser for complexion-clearer.


  1. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials was established by Mira Kulkarni in 2000.  This forever delicious-smelling brand specialises in Ayurvedic preparations for its products and provides a wide range of Indian cosmetics, skincare, homegrown ingredients (Black Sesame, Anise and Pomegranate) in body polishers, lotions and face washes. They control the conception, manufacturing, formulation and sale of their Ayurvedic products, thereby ensuring quality and purity across all pillars.


  1. The Ayurveda Co

When it comes to youthful skin, T.A.C has successfully formulated it. They use key ingredients in multiple formats and products to meet the diverse needs of consumer’s skin. Ayurvedic D2C brand, The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C) has launched a range of beauty products Kumkumadi, Triphala, Nalpamaradi, Onion oil and Methi for starters. They staple common kitchen stuff into some pretty powerful creams, face polishers and toners.

  1. Soul Tree

Soul Tree is the Ayurvedic Beauty and Wellness brand to offer internationally Certified Natural beauty & wellness products. A materialization of a soulful journey to the Himalayas to understand the power of Ayurveda, perfectly defines Soul Tree and its roots. By extensive research and development, they use authentic Ayurvedic formulations and honestly-sourced organic ingredients in their products. They offer healthy solutions for skin, hair and beauty in the form of face oils, shower gels, balms, creams and face packs. They focus on deep repair of the skin and body, without any side effects.

  1. Just Herbs

Just Herbs is an Ayurvedic results-driven brand that offers bespoke and Ayurvedic skin, hair and body products made from certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients collected from across India. A wholesome clean beauty brand, Just Herbs also is safe for your health and for the earth is a choice. The Clean & Crowdsourced products like Elixir Facial Serum, Kerala Coconut & Wheatgerm Body Butter, and Wild Indian Rose Handmade Bathing Bar are favourites.


The efficaciousness of Ayurvedic beauty products is proven. The evolution of Ayurveda has actually resulted in the establishment of the best Ayurveda beauty brands listed in this blog. Herbs, flowers, and essential oils are carefully selected for Ayurvedic beauty products, and all of these are painstakingly blended to create traditional healing masks.

They've done complex procedures to give you an easy-to-use, traditional Ayurvedic beauty product. These are good in their own right and you can go with your choice of the best Ayurvedic beauty brand.

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