Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements - Organic Extracts

Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements - Organic Extracts

As we all know, Ayurveda is a branch of science that deals with daily regimens, diet hacks, and preventive and treatment modalities. The main aim of Ayurveda is to preserve health and cure vitiated ailments. To fulfil the aim Ayurveda deals with wholesome diet and regiments and also quoted that Ahara as Maha oushadha. Ayurvedic medicines include a vast variety of drugs like Herbals, Herbo - minerals and minerals.

Here we are going to discuss herbal supplements. The herbal supplements are dealt with herbs or specific parts of herbs/ plants. By analyzing the nature, season, habitat, properties etc. of plants, Acharyas narrated the use of each and every plant.

Dasamoola is a familiar Ayurvedic remedy for pacifying dosha imbalances predominantly vata. Dasamoola is prepared with a formula of 'ten roots', which is taken from traditional texts. For instance, Bilva (Aegle marmelos) is a member of Dasamoola - the useful parts of the plant are the fruit (raw and ripened) pulp, leaves, and root bark according to conditions. Like this, every plant has been categorized and recorded according to its qualities. Dasamoola is an Ayurvedic medicine that is traditionally used to eliminate excess Vata from the system. Dasamoola is a muscle tonic that is used to calm the nerves and strengthen the body. It also benefits expectoration and respiration while promoting the proper functioning of the lungs.

Direct use of the essential part is difficult so to simplify the use and to get more effect, Ayurveda Acharyas did the extraction of the herb/plant or their selected parts in very precise form. Extraction is the process of separation of the active principle of a sample. Ayurveda preferred whole drug or part extract so it is beneficial for more ailments. The constituents of the extracts maintain the effects by neutralizing the properties of each other. The extraction was done with or without any media and with or without the presence of agni (heat) and they have introduced Panchavidha kashaya kalpana (5 types of organic extraction methods) as medicinal supplements. Swarasa (Fresh juice), Kalka (paste), Kwatha (decoction), Sheeta (cold infusion), and Phanta (Hot infusion). They are collectively known as Primary preparations.

  • Swarasa: Fresh Juice of soft and medium compact plants or parts of a plant. Crush the sample without water or a minimum quantity of water.
  • Kalka: Paste form of the sample drug.
  • Kashaya: Boiling of the sample drug or drugs with 4 times/8 times/ 16times of water in sim flame and reduced accordingly and administered as medicine. Here the heat-reactive water-soluble components will get extracted.
  • Sheeta: Soaking crushed high volatile drugs in 6 parts of cold water overnight and use it after filtration.
  • Phanta: Soaking selected crushed drugs in 4 times of hot water for 3hrs.

While looking to patient compliance and to improve the shelf life period they have developed upakalpanas to the pancha vidha kalpana's also. Upa Kalpana's are the preparations which are similar to the primary preparations. Eg: Churna kalpana (powder): Prepared the powder of hard drugs and administered, eg: Triphala churna. As the growth happens secondary preparation also happens. The secondary preparations are the ones prepared with the primary preparations. Eg: vati kalpana (tablets) eg: Giloy vati. With the primary and secondary preparations the ayurvedic herbal supplements became wide and which is providing the maximum benefits to the subjects.

Ayurvedic supplements include a number of preparations. And they have been more potent with anupanas (adjuvants) mentioned for each particular formulation in the classics. Anupanas (adjuvants) are the articles which are taken after the administration of medicine and they will help to spread the medicine easily, improve its action etc., eg: Ghee with sukhoshna jala (lukewarm water).

Ayurvedic supplements which are all mentioned in classics can be considered organic extracts. They are based on the whole drug essence concept and will be helpful for many conditions at a time. The whole drug extraction may maintain the equilibrium of the particular form and shows beneficial effects.

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