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Do You Ever Wonder Why Ayurveda is Called Your Personal Science?

To understand that let’s backpedal to the early years of Ayurveda. Dealing with crowds of patients everyday, was a quiet Vaidya struggling to find the answer to ONE burning question –

What is the Source of Disease?

Unlock Your Innate Potential

He thought it was the environment, but that didn’t explain why headaches occur. He figured it must be the germs. But un-un! Summer rashes and germs just did not have a connection. That’s when he paused to reflect on the human body. Warm touch, soft breath, solid bones – He realized that the energies of Nature were also housed inside each person. Yet in the hundreds of patients he cured, none shared similar physical and mental traits. The intensity and kinds of diseases they suffered were also different.

This Vaidya was Charak. And his thought process discovered the idea of Prakriti.

Prakriti is your body’s medical report card that describes its strengths, weaknesses and potential.

It gives an insight into the intensity of 5 core energies (Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire) in your body.

It identifies the energies that contribute to your Dosha profile / constitution and affect your health.

It outlines the kind of life you should follow to live happily and healthily.

Knowing your Prakriti can help you make informed choices about yourself like:

Which Diet Plan Is Best For Me?

Which is the Best Daily Routine for Me?

What is Not Good For My Mental Health?

Which Diseases am I Prone to?

One Test to Discover All
That’s Best For You!

Excited to take the next step?

When you start your Prakriti test, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  1. Cheers and applause for those who answer all the questions honestly.
  2. If you must leave the test in the middle, finish at least 10 questions before you submit.
  3. Run your life on replay from childhood to present while filling in the choices. Your choices should indicate “How
    you’ve always been”.
  4. When in doubt, tick the option that best represents you.
  5. This may take a while. Make yourself comfortable first and only then start your quiz.
  6. This test is only for the purpose of self diagnosis. Don’t use it as an excuse to skip visiting your doctor.

“Phew! Once you’ve walked all the way from the first question to last - hit the submit button.”

“By the time you take a breather, the test result will be on your screen and a personalized mini manual will be delivered into your inbox.”

Ready? Thumbs Set! Go!

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