The body Frame & Build that describes you best

Your body Weight and Tendency is

What best describes the natural state of your hair?

How would you describe the shape of your Face?

Are your teeth...

Are your Fingernails...

Is your Skin...

What best describes your feeling of Hunger?

When you Eat do you....

Which of these typically represent your Bowel Movements?

How would you describe your Digestion?

What's your Sweat Quotient?

What best describes your Energy & Approach to tasks?

How do you rate yourself on Strength & Endurance?

Which of these represents the way you Speak?

How would you describe your Emotional Responses?

Which of these are similar to how you Sleep?

What are your preferred Climates?

How do you react to a Decision-Making situation?

How are you at making Friends?

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