Natural healing through Ayurveda!

Implementing the teachings of Ayurveda using modern technology,Nirogam works to provide a natural solution for all ailments.

Who We Are?

The word ‘Nirogam’ means ‘free of all diseases’. This forms the ethos of our working. The ancient science of Ayurveda has abundant solutions for healthy living. Through our products, we aspire to bring them to light. Through an ideal blend of Technology with Ayurveda, we create medicines that are effective & convenient for all. In our two decades of relentless service, we have been able to cure millions of people around the globe. From common ailments to diseases considered incurable, we provide solutions for a plethora of problems. Besides medications, we guide people towards a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda,the science of life

Ayurveda is the gift of India to the world. With exceptional solutions for healthy living, Ayurveda focuses on providing solutions to all maladies from nature’s bounty. According to Ayurveda, the physical, mental & emotional characteristics of individuals can be divided into three doshas. The five basic elements of the universe are fire, water, earth, sky & ether. Each dosha has two defining elements out of these. Your predominant dosha determines your attributes as a person, everything from looks to personality.

Our Founder

An Ayurveda activist at heart, Puneet Aggarwal is the founder & soul of Nirogam. His passion & diligence over the years has successfully made Nirogam one of the best Ayurvedic brands today. What had started as his small effort has now turned into a sea change, plying Ayurveda as a superior form of medicine. He aspires to reach more beneficiaries through Nirogam and lay the foundation for an ailment-free world.

Our Vision

We yearn to garner greater benefits by exploring Ayurveda to manage more diseases. Besides supplements, we aim at providing overall guidance to people to lead a healthy, happy life. We wish to represent ourselves as an ally you count on when in need of guidance.

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