Hemp Sativa Powder
Hemp Sativa Powder
Hemp Sativa Powder
Hemp Sativa Powder

Hemp Sativa Powder

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  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Reduces food cravings
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety

Dosage: 20 gms per day with meals, warm water or milk

Quantity: 150 Grams

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100% Authentic

Works Best For

  • Musculoskeletal Health
  •  Metabolism
  •  Brain Health
Rainer Williams:

“Works wonders! I’ve been a regular fan of this powder. It cures my constipation issues and energizes me. Promotes good sleep too!”

Kevin Mackenzie

“Happy to recommend! Tried this because I didn't like synthetic protein bars. Now, my muscle mass and strength have increased - much like my confidence.”

Charu Mistry

“Perfect herb for women facing PMS! My mood swings and mental fogs had messed up my personal life. But this helps me stay calm and energetic.”

Benefits of Hemp Sativa

Enhances digestive capacity
Enhances digestive capacity

Provides essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3, Omega -6 & Omega 9) and amino acids which facilitate digestive functions. Flushes out waste from the colon to prevent constipation, haemorrhoids and diarrhoea. Satiates the appetite to prevent overeating. Supplements dietary fibre needs.

Improves skin quality
Improves skin quality

Unclogs the skin pores. Moisturizes the skin tissues to increase its elasticity. Promotes cellular regeneration of skin tissues to control eczema and psoriasis outbreaks. Combats microbial infections to prevent acne. Tones the skin muscles and lighten wrinkles, fine lines etc.

Boosts cognitive abilities
Boosts cognitive abilities

Neuroprotective in nature. Packed with natural antioxidants. Its Omega 3 fatty acids rejuvenate the brain cells and enhance neural interactions. Protects the brain cells from free radical damage. Useful to prevent neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

Other Benefits

  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Stimulates immune system response
  • Can manage stress and anxiety
  • Promotes joint movements and flexibility
  • Alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms

What experts say about us

Dr. Greeshma Nair

“1000 Year old Ayurveda recipes strangely followed to give you effective, easy to use Nirogam products that give amazing results.”

Dr. Divya Vaidya

“Made with High quality herbs after carefully purifying all minerals and metal for excellent products that really work”

Why is it a must have?

Must have


Each 20g of the powder contains pure cold-milled hemp seeds powder:

  • Contains essential bioactive compounds
  • Boosts basal energy levels
  • Corrects hormonal imbalances

Precautions to take

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Should not be taken without medical supervision.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar
No Preservatives

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use for a long period of time?

Definitely! You can use this product continuously for a period of 2-3 months to get best results.

Is hemp the same as marijuana?

No. Though they have similar botanical names, their chemical functions are different. Hemp is a non-psychotic, low THC medicinal herb. While, marijuana is primarily a recreational drug with diminutive health benefits.

Can hemp create an addiction?

No. It does not interfere with the functions of the brain. So, it can be safely used by everyone. However, taking an overdose can reduce the brain’s ability to think clearly and meddle with your psychological responses.

How long does it take to show effect?

Hemp Sativa Powder should be taken as long as the physician recommends to get significant results. Our Ayurvedic doctor can be consulted if you notice that there is no improvement in your medical condition.

Are there any precautions I should keep in mind while using it?

Hemp seeds are safe for consumption for everyone. However, it is not advisable to consume it in certain medical conditions. Hemp is known to increase the risk of internal bleeding if taken with anticoagulant medications. In addition, its high fat content can give you diarrhoea. So, people with sensitive stomachs should use it under medical supervision.

Are heavy metal ingredients used in it?

No. None of Nirogam’s Ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metal ingredients.

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