Skin Essential Oil
Skin Essential Oil
Skin Essential Oil
Skin Essential Oil
Skin Essential Oil
Skin Essential Oil

Skin Essential Oil

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  • Useful for acne and skin tags
  • Helps to improve skin glow
  • Assists in skin rejuvenation

How to Prepare:

  • Apply 2-3 drops of oil on the back of the neck, spinal region and stiff muscles.
  • Do not remove it. Let it stay on for as long as possible. 
  • Re-apply 2-3 times per day, as required.
  • Alternatively, mix 2-3 drops of 8-10% solution of this essential oil with body massage oil. Gently rub it on before sleep. 

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Works Best For

  • Skin Dryness
  • Acne
  • Skin Health
Maria Von Koff

“This is as good for the skin as its scent goes! I use it during winters most of the time because my skin gets rougher in those days''

Gidget Jenkins

“I absolutely love this! I use it before bathing and it makes my skin so soft to touch. My cheeks have gotten bouncy now!”

Janice Watts

“Jasmine adds a bunch of charm to it! I apply it on my hands, legs and back. It has given them a natural shine that's impossible to miss!”

Benefits of Skin Essential Oil

Helps to relieve common skin ailments
Helps to relieve common skin ailments

Promotes regeneration of skin tissues to treat painful blemishes, tans, dark spots etc. Assists in fighting off microbes to prevent infections.

Supports skin repair
Supports skin repair

Provides a plethora of natural antioxidants that are useful in revitalizing the skin cells. Helps to maintain the skin pH and tensile strength for quick healing.

Promotes natural glow
Promotes natural glow

Helps to lighten the skin tone. Seeps deep into the layers of skin to assist in toning the muscular tissues. Supports the youthfulness of skin.

Other Benefits

  • Aids in shielding against UV rays
  • Supports cognitive functions
  • Useful for all skin types
  • Helps to regulate skin moisture
  • Assists in alleviating stress
  • Helps to treat signs of ageing

What experts say about us

Dr. Sonali Singh

“1000 Year old Ayurveda recipes stringently followed to give you effective, easy to use Nirogam products that give amazing results.”

Dr. Divya Vaidya

“Made with High quality herbs after carefully purifying all minerals and metal for excellent products that really work”

Why is it a must have?

Valerian Root Oil

Valerian Root Oil

This popular remedy has been used for decades to curb sleep and mood disorders like depression. Also known as Tagar in Ayurvedic science, the extracts are added to medicines for increasing their benefits to the stomach, brain and skin cells.

Jatamansi Oil

Jatamansi Oil

It has a natural oiliness which makes it the perfect remedy for wrinkles, dry patches and rashes. Jatamansi is rich in natural antioxidants that speed up the cell repair process. In addition, it calms the nervous system for better hair growth.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Oil

Thanks to its unmissable scent, Jasmine essential oil is used in a variety of industries including cosmetics and healthcare. It is a natural antiseptic, antidepressant and aphrodisiac. Thus, Jasmine oil can be used to relieve pain or inflammation in the body, including those experienced during menstruation.

Probable Side Effects of Skin Essential Oil

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consumption can produce adverse effects on the GI tract.
  • Perform a patch test for 24-48 hours before using the essential oil.
  • People with sensitive skin should use it with a carrier oil.
Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar
No Preservatives

Frequently asked questions

What are skin issues a sign of?
  • External Damage: Can be caused by chemical cosmetics, pollutants, dust or sunlight. Lifestyle changes can help to prevent such a condition. 
  • Allergies: May be triggered by overactive immunity, infections or exposure to other allergens. Antihistamines and topical creams may help.
  • Underlying Disorders: Psoriasis, eczema etc. are examples of some skin diseases that manifest time and again. They need to be managed with lifestyle precautions and herbal remedies.


Do essential oils moisturize skin?
Yes. They contain hydrating plant compounds that increase the moisture retention capacity of tissues. Furthermore, they form a protective layer on the skin to reduce moisture loss due to environmental exposure.
Are all essential oils bad for skin?
No. Naturally derived essential oils do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. Rather, they’re gentle on the skin which allows them to improve one’s skin tone and texture. For preventive reasons, people with sensitive skin may use a carrier oil to dilute essential oils before applying them.

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