10 Benefits of Using Rose Face Pack for Glowing Skin

10 Benefits of Using Rose Face Pack for Glowing Skin

Whenever we think of beauty, we remember the rose. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of Nature. It has been everyone’s favourite since centuries, owing to its fascinating looks and fragrance. But there is more to it than you can see! Roses offer innumerable benefits for the entire body, including your skin and hair. Mix them in your bath water, cook them in your recipes or apply its paste to your face - whichever way you use them, roses can be an add-on health potion for you! So, let’s take a minute to learn about this remedy in disguise! 

Natural Beauty Enhancer: Therapeutic Qualities of Rose

Rose water and petals are a commonplace ingredient of Indian households. But their reputation doesn’t solely rest on tradition. Medical science has shown that roses have many medicinal properties. Applied together, Fuller’s Earth and rose petals can be a complete skincare package in themselves.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: They soothe the inflamed skin tissues, reducing redness and pain. Seep deep into the skin layers to provide nourishment.
  • Antimicrobial: They flush out toxins from cells and inhibit infection growth. Prevent irritation of tissues from harmful substances.
  • Speed up Skin Repair: Multani Mitti helps to unclog the skin pores, while rose petal compounds promote cellular regeneration. This increases the pace of tissue healing.  
  • Correct pH Balance: Perhaps the best function of rose water face pack is its ability to protect the skin. It helps to maintain the natural texture of cells. 

10 Benefits of Rose Face Pack

With all of their natural goodness, roses can be a great addition to your weekly beauty regime too. They can enhance the effects of Fuller’s Earth, to give you a long lasting glow. But that’s not all! Here are 10 other reasons that make rose powder face pack a must-have for your skin:

Nourish and Replenish:

While your ordinary face packs might clean the face, rose water and Fuller's earth face pack can effectively rejuvenate it. Its antioxidant rich ingredients tighten the facial muscles, nurture the skin cells and protect it from pollutants. So, it isn’t just a cosmetic product, but a detox therapy in itself!

Fights off Acne:

If there is anything that troubles both men and women equally - it is the unruly pimples! They not only dampen your beauty, but also resist quick treatments. But thanks to the rose face pack for acne, you can skip the trouble. Its anti inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds curb acne outbreaks and stop them from coming back. Thus, helping you evade the dreadful dark spots in the long run!

Lightens Skin Tone:

From grandmothers to dermatologists - everyone swears by the rose petals face pack for glowing skin. Here’s what makes this the best! Not just one or two - your skin is attacked from every side when you step out. All of these factors, like the scorching sun rays and the vehicle smoke, make your skin dull and tired. But the rose face pack removes the layers of dead skin cells and chemicals from your face, bringing out the brighter you!

Natural Sun Protection:

More than the heat, it is the sun rays that can damage your skin. In fact, the UV radiation coming from the sun can be the invisible culprit of your blemishes and pigmentation. So what you need is a fast acting sun protection which doesn’t wear off like the sunscreen. And that’s precisely how the rose face pack works! It scrubs off the layers of pigment depositions from the tissues and strengthens them inside out. In addition, it tightens the blood vessels to reduce further damage.

Away With Excess Facial Oil:

Owing to the absorbing nature of Multani Mitti, this face pack can act as a good skin cleanser for you. It gently removes black and white heads to open the clogged skin pores. Furthermore, it provides natural hydration to the tissues even under rigid weathers! In short, it keeps your cheek-to-cheek smiles completely oil free - from morning to the night!

Moisturization at Best:

What can be a better means to moisturize than a skin hydrator? Probably none! That’s why rose face packs are a natural boon for sensitive skin. Roses are a rich source of vital nutrients that promote skin health. They reduce sweat and oil production to balance the pH of the skin. Most importantly, its sugar molecules soothe the damaged cells to give you a permanent blooming blush!

Less Stress Means Lesser Skin Issues:

Legend has it that you can reverse the signs of stress with this revitalizing face pack - and we are here to prove them right! Rose face pack is a complete skin toner that makes your facial muscles tight and soft. So it not only lightens the marks, but also heals the wounds, cuts and fine lines. And the soothing scent of this pack is cherry on the icing!

Many Problems, One Solution:

Do not be discouraged if the cause of your skin woes lies in your hair. We got you covered! You can easily apply a paste of the rose face pack to your scalp and hair to get rid of all the dandruff, dust and pollutants that could be irritating your skin cells. And here’s the pro-tip: Make it a regular practice to keep your hair as healthy as your skin!

Shoo Away Signs of Ageing:

Wrinkles could be for anyone but you, if you keep this face pack in your pocket! Rose petals and Multani Mitti are a great combination to beat the effects of age on your skin tissues. They promote generation of healthy cells and keep your skin as supple as a young child.

Versatile Face Pack for Versatile You:

We left the best for last - Rose face pack is completely safe for everyone. Which means you can use it throughout your life as a cosmetic product without the risks of side effects. In addition, you can mix it with other skin rejuvenators like Neem, Turmeric, Sandalwood etc. to make the most of your personal facial therapy!


Now that you have 10 strong reasons to try the rose face pack, what’s holding you back? Purchase your pack today and unlock the hidden beauty of your face!

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