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3rd-Party Tested
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Formulated To Strict
Ayurvedic Principles

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Third party tested for ultimate purity, quality and safety

No artificial colors

Tested for 30 different pesticide residues

No physical

No heavy metals

If your supplement isn’t pure or lacks potency, how will you get well faster?


I'm always a big fan when companies third-party test AND are willing to share the information.Thank you so much for sending over the lab report!!!

~ Kelsey H.

Finally some relief.

I have been excessively bleeding for months. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistence. This product stopped my excessive bleeding and my Hirsutism has improved. Finally some relief.

~ Rebekah H.

Learn why our products are so effective

Artisanal process

We follow the steps of the ancient texts and still bring you the highest quality

Modern simplicity

Instead of having to take multiple supplements for your ailment, our products combine multiple remedies into 1 simple pill

No short cuts

If the ancient recipe calls for boiling the concoction 10 times, that’s exactly what we do

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I think your Ivy's Mukta Vati is a real winner!!!

It worked better than anything I have seen to bring Blood Pressure down.

Alice B

I have no doubt the product is excellent. I was unable to use it as one of the ingredients I have an allergy to.

I know others who have and they loved it.

Sal A

Most outstanding is product efficacy. The items I bought proved effective within 24 hours.

Thank you.

Abraham W

The product was delivered many days before some of my domestic orders. The product is fresh, and seems to be working as promised.

Victoria C

Excellent delivery experience... Was updated with timeline expectations at every stage.

Liam M

Quality products always delivered on time from India to Ireland.

Bernard A

Every time we order, Chitra has been very pleasant, professional, and courteous, we really appreciate how quickly and easily we can place our orders.

Thank You!

Judith P

Slight issue with customs, but nirogam customer service is fantastic!

Martin M

Very well established company with good quality service and great quality supplements.

Jacob P

You deserve an Ayurveda company that understands:

Your lifestyle and the challenges and daily pressures you face

How multiple remedies can be combined to provide optimum benefits

Your need to know exactly what’s inside your remedy

How to create a simple plan for you to get well faster