Get your blood pressure back to where it should be

Ivy's Mukta Vati: a natural, herbal supplement that allows you to regain control over your BP quickly and easily

Formulated according to strict Ayurvedic standards

Independent lab-tested for heavy metals and pesticides

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160/100 to 125/75 in days!

In such a short period of time my blood pressure is back to where it should be!

— Aimee

Lowered BP from 160/100 to 125/75 in days

— Rick

Ivy's Mukta Vati worked better than anything I have seen to bringBlood Pressure down.

— Alice B

Not just better numbers

Yes, Ivy’s Mukta Vati has been shown to be very effective in supporting your blood pressure.

But more importantly due to its proprietary combination of herbs and real freshwater pearls that have been lab-tested for purity...

Ivy's Mukta Vati helps you:

Improve blood pressure

Improve quality
of sleep


Help achieve greater peace of mind

Learn more about why Ivy's Mukta Vati is so effective

Artisanal process

We follow the steps of the ancient texts and still bring you the highest quality.

Modern simplicity

Instead of having to take 3 different supplements to address sleep, blood pressure and stress, Ivy's Mukta Vati combines all 3 into 1 simple pill.

No short cuts

If the ancient recipe calls for boiling the concoction 10 times, that’s exactly what we do.

Ivy's Mukta Vati has been third-party tested for ultimate purity, quality and safety

If your supplement isn’t pure or lacks potency, how will you get well faster?

No artificial colors

Tested for 30 different pesticide residues

Real, freshwater pearls

No heavy metals

More happy reviews

I was cautiously optimistic at first as I had used herbal supplements
that didn’t work, surprisingly this this does work and has brought my BP
into normal range.

A little surprised how well it works

Clinton K

I have been taking this for years and it helps keep my blood pressure at a very healthy place. I don't want to ever run out!

Really helps with blood pressure


Ordered for my dad because his blood pressure was off the chain. Told him to
take 1 capsule with warm water as suggested from some research. Worked Amazingly!! blood pressure was way down at next visit. Ordered the 3 pack this time.

It WORKS!!!! for blood pressure


More than 5-star reviews

Any company can post 5-star reviews, but we believe it’s often more informative to look
at the 2- and 3-stars for better insight as to whether or not Ivy's Mukta Vati is right for you.

For instance...

Mukta Vati did not work for Marpo

Miranda’s husband - on the other hand - had really good results

What could have made the difference?

Not sure...


Seems to be helping

In Ayurveda there are 3 core pillars of wellness:







Diet, lifestyle and remedy must work in tandem - not in isolation. Only then can the true effects be seen.

With this in mind, let’s see how Marpo and Miranda did:

Marpo seems to be missing 2 of 3 pillars for wellness:

  • Remedy (Mukta Vati)
  • Food
  • Lifestyle

Miranda has amplified Mukta Vati’s power by adding all 3:

  • Remedy (Mukta Vati)
  • Food
  • Lifestyle

If Ivy's Mukta Vati seems right for you ...

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Food is medicine and
medicine is food

~ Ayurvedic proverb

Still have questions?

Here are a few commonly asked ones about Ivy's Mukta Vati:

What is the recommended dosage?

2 tablets, twice a day.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects, however do check the ingredients and correlate with your own allergy history.

Will it interact with my other medications?

No known interactions as yet but do check your medications and consult your physician before adding a new herbal supplement to your regimen.

When should I stop taking it?

Depending on your symptoms, most likely after 6 months.

Do consult with your physician.

Can I get a complete list of ingredients?

Absolutely: Gotu Kola (whole plant), AloeWeed (whole plant), Arjuna tree (bark), Sedge (leaf), Climbing Staff Tree (Seed), Indian Elecampane (root),
Winter Cherry (root), Gulancha Tinospora (stem), Fresh Water Pearl

How long will it take to reach me?

Because we have a facility in the U.S., shipping can take as little as 2-3 working days. For other destinations as much as 7 working days.

30-day moneyback guarantee

We stand by our quality but also understand, our products aren’t right for everyone.

If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, drop us an email and we’ll make it as easy as possible to refund your money in full.

Fast shipping

Our products are all sourced from India, the birthplace of Ayurveda. But rest assured, we have a warehouse in the U.S. so you’ll have your package in 3-5 working days if not sooner.

For other regions, your products will arrive in about 7 working days, if not sooner.

Excellent delivery experience... was updated with timeline expectations at every stage

~ Liam M.