10 Most Effective Natural Ways for the Treatment of Arthritis

10 Most Effective Natural Ways for the Treatment of Arthritis

If there is one thing worse than sickness, it has to be recurrent joint pain. This seemingly minor issue can be the starting point of many health disorders. More often than not, it is an indication of arthritic issues in the body. Which means that your simple joint pain can easily convert into a lifelong disorder if you don’t act on it today. But before you rush to adopt allopathy, let us take a moment to explore the natural alternatives available!

Perks of Natural Treatment: How it is Better?

Where allopathy might not have an answer, Nature has a bagful of solutions for you! Much like their types, the benefits of natural ways of arthritis treatment run into pages. In addition to their chemical-free properties, these alternate therapies are safer in the present and promise a healthier future. If you’ve struggled with medical bills, natural therapies can be an economical option!

  • No Unwanted Metals or Chemicals: Artificial ingredients collect inside your organs and gradually weaken them. This tendency of chemicals has brought a bad name to all allopathic medicines. But natural remedies use herbal ingredients that assimilate inside the body. They do not interfere with your body’s systems.
  • Multi-Faceted Approach: Joint disorders are caused by both external and internal factors. That’s why natural remedies follow a similar approach. They soothe your arthritic muscles and lubricate them to increase your flexibility. And as the numerous users observe – “their effects are miraculous!”
  • Not Just Pain Killer, But Reliever: Popping pills may temporarily reduce your pain, but it doesn’t treat it completely. Natural remedies reach the root of the ailment to give you lasting joint pain relief.
  • Fits in with All Kinds of Medicines: Still not convinced? Here’s the good news – you can try out these natural remedies along with your medicinal regime. They not only speed up your recovery, but prevent the worsening of your condition.

Top 10 Ways of Relieving Arthritis Naturally

No matter if you are or have been an arthritis patient, natural remedies can be a lifelong boon for you. Pepped up to try them for yourself? Here is a list of home remedies for arthritis to get you going!

Ginger Juice

For lovers of food, Ginger is a priceless flavour. And for sufferers of arthritis it can be an even better remedy. It is an all in one package with potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents. Better yet, it inhibits the action of toxic enzymes to protect your joints from further damage. Just grate it over a salad or add it to your herbal tea – there are only benefits to reap with Ginger on your plate!

Tasty Turmeric

There is a reason why Turmeric is the favourite of every Indian kitchen. And that is its wide-ranging health benefits! It is a close competitor to Ginger in terms of its anti-inflammatory effects. Turmeric purifies the blood to eliminate toxins and repairs the damaged tissues. On the plus side – you can apply a paste of Turmeric on your arthritic joints for instant knee pain relief.

Soothing Green Tea

What makes it a “must-have” beverage for every arthritis patient are polyphenols and EGCG. Both of these natural compounds protect your cartilage and bone tissues. They soothe the irritated muscles to ease your physical movements. If stress and poor immunity are your recurring issues, this can be your means to get back at them!

Shiny Aloe Vera

This well praised herb is also arthritis friendly! It gently reduces muscular swelling and improves skin quality. Apply its gel or cream on your affected joints to cure the lesions, dryness and redness. Here’s the catch - it can cut down blood sugar levels as well!

Pinching Black Pepper

Fifth on the list but truly worthy of mention is Black pepper. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory nature makes it a perfect addition for your herbal teas. It might sting your tongue for a while, but it will take your body aches away for sure!

Yoga and Meditation

Physical exercise is highly recommended for every arthritis patient. But it is easier to get confused with so many available options. So, let Yoga help you out! This is a one-of-a-kind practice that helps you tone your cartilages. It keeps a check on your body weight, gut function and immunity – all of which may be aggravating your joint condition. Top it up with meditation sessions to say goodbye to your stress!

Supplementary Healing

All kinds of nutrients are important for the joints, but some are needed in higher amounts than others. Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids are two such food nutrients that promote joint health. They strengthen the cartilages and protect them from wear and tear. With their antioxidant properties, both of them can add to your immunity, giving you a strong shield from wobbly joints.

Desirable Opposites - Hot and Cold Compress

This simple technique can go a long way in reducing your joint pain. Begin your daily regime with a warm bath or place a hot water bag on your joints to increase blood circulation in the affected area. After a considerable gap, use a cold pack or ice water to cool it down. Ideally, the cold session shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes.  

Warm Massage

This is the foremost recommendation of all medical sciences including Ayurveda. And let us tell you why! Massages have an invigorating effect on the muscles and mind. They boost up the natural healing process and increase flexibility of musculoskeletal structures. In short, they aren’t just a localized treatment, but a full body therapy!

Healthy Weight, Healthier Joints

The excess fat on your stomach and waist translates into extra burden on your knees. And if you don’t watch it today, it will only increase your joint pain tomorrow! So, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet and active lifestyle throughout the course of your arthritis treatment. Or better yet, give your joints an insurance for life by adopting this regime permanently!

Ayurveda’s Blessing in One Bottle: Nirogam’s Arthojoint Capsules

When the pain is unbearable and the swelling is high – mere alternate solutions might not work. What you need is a complete therapy! So, enrich your homely remedies with Arthojoint! These antioxidant rich capsules are a boon for joint tissues. Enriched with bioactive compounds, they speed up the cartilage healing process and reduce your pinching pain. With time, they can help you regain your bone and muscle strength, thereby, keeping you in your best shape for life!


  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Reduces joint pain and stiffness
  • Enhances physical strength
  • Nourishes the joints
  • Stabilizes physical movement
  • Alleviates symptoms of joint disorders

Dosage: 3 hard gel capsules per day. One each after breakfast, lunch and dinner


Let your knees carry responsibilities and not the pain. Try these easy natural remedies at home to tone your joints and pep up your spirits!

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