I have been using Picoshunya for about 2 months now and I have seen a lot of benefit. I have been regularly exercising and together the combination has almost solved my PCOD.


2 reviews

Sep, 2019

Ayurveda is the oldest and the best treatment for cures, I tried Nirogam & results were fast and effective. Thanks Dr Greeshma and Nirogam team.

Rajesh Arora

2 reviews

Feb, 2019

I have been suffering from high blood pressure for over seven years now. I have taken multiple treatments for the same but nothing seemed to work of positively. I came across Mukta Vati Ad on a social platform and decided to give it a try. After consistently using for over 2 months now I can say that it worked for me. My blood pressure is under control and it also helped me with the stress.

Ayushi Khona

2 reviews

Jan, 2020

I have used this brand of MV for 8-10 years now after my BP started to raise to the point where I was not far from being prescribed medication. Unfortunately high blood pressure runs in the family and it seemed to get worse after having my daughters. I found this completely by chance and at first was very sceptical. Thank God I gave it a go! I have never suffered any side effects and only need one tablet a day now to maintain a good reading. I have recommended it to friends and family and they achieved the same results. I would only ever use this brand sourced from highly trusted seller.

Miss Kim Langton

2 reviews

Aug, 2019

Excellent work. I spoke with Dr. Greeshma Nair. She started off with tentative questions but that was till she had found a possible issue. And then thorough in her queries about my condition. Then she took some time (probably to research and corroborate her line of deduction) and was quickly back with a detailed prescription, diet chart, what to eat and what not to. I am thoroughly impressed so far. I am hoping that now my issue will be resolved.

Rajesh Sharma

2 reviews

Jan, 2019

Finding the right practitioner for alternate medicine like Ayurveda is always a challenge because it is tough to know who to trust. When Nirogam announced they are now offering consultation services along with everything else that they do, I was overjoyed. Visited their facility last weekend and was very satisfied with the diagnosis by their Doctors. As long term user of Nirogam products I am glad to get more offerings from them.

Prateek Shah

2 reviews

Sep, 2019

Hi I was suffering from a severe stomach infection. And had been ignoring it thinking that it was some basic gas issue or acidity problem. After meeting Dr Greeshma at Nirogam, she made me aware about the problem and not just that by following her medication and diet. I feel much better and have also lost weight has made me more active and a happy person.

Disha Gupta

2 reviews

Aug, 2018

I met Dr Greeshma at Nirogam centre for a session. I am really impressed with her knowledge about Ayurveda. I highly recommended Dr Greeshma for treatment as she guided me throughout my treatment with a proper diet plan and provides continuous support on WhatsApp and call. Highly recommended.

Vanshik Gupta

2 reviews

Mar, 2017

Well- appointed clinic. The doctor is straight and does not wax philosophy as many Ayurved practitioners do. She does not overpromise either and sticks to basics. Worth the effort.

Smarth Bail

2 reviews

Oct, 2016

I had tried 4-5 known gastrologists in Delhi for my problem before I visited Nirogam Ayurveda. Most of the gastrologists were more commercial in nature. There was no healing aspect to their treatment. Dr. Greeshma not just understood my problem properly, but she helped me overcome depression. She also advised me about improving my lifestyle and lead a ayurved life.

Anush Malik

2 reviews

May, 2016

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