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Bone-Breaking Fever: Dengue and Its Repercussions
  • The contest between parasites and human beings has been as long as we can imagine.
  • And one can name dozens of illnesses caused by microbes which are both common and familiar to everyday life.
  • But by the virtue of the effects of Dengue on a person’s physical and mental health, it deserves serious attention.
  • Dengue is a viral infection that spreads through mosquito bites.
  • It affects 100 thousand people every year, and leads to the death of many more in tropical countries.
  • Thankfully, one can find a number of treatments for Dengue.
  • You can pick amongst the allopathic and Ayurvedic Dengue treatment based on your personal preference.
  • Though you’ll surely be inclined to side with the latter once you explore its benefits!
Rolling Balls of Signs: Symptoms of Dengue
  • Fever: First of all signs of Dengue to appear. It usually soars to 104℉. Comes in cycles of 6-8 hours. The cycle length can reduce depending on the extent of infection.
  • Gut Troubles: You may feel utterly nauseated. There may be occasional episodes of vomiting, stomach pain and loss of appetite as well.
  • Pain and Fatigue: Dengue fever induces inflammation in the muscles, lungs and throat. You may notice swollen glands, muscle cramps or brain fog. Breathlessness, eye socket pain and physical exhaustion emerge later after severe internal swelling.
  • Skin Signs: Small, red coloured rashes are characteristic of Dengue fever. In later days, your skin can turn squishy or seem bruised.
  • Bleeding: Usually noticed in urine, stool, vomit or gums. Can become fatal. Needs immediate medical attention.
A Small Being with Huge Effects: Cause of Dengue
  • Dengue is a viral fever caused by the microbe present in Aedes mosquito and Ae. albopictus..
  • Two kinds of mosquito bites can be the reasons for Dengue spread.
  • Firstly, a silent bite from the infected mosquito breed can inject the virus into your bloodstream.
  • Secondly, if a mosquito carrying the blood of a Dengue-infected person bites another healthy individual, it can make the latter sick as well.
  • It can take up to 14 days for the symptoms to show up on your body.
  • But your risks of contracting this infection can double up if you’ve recently visited a tropical country or have suffered from this disease before.
Enduring the Cure: Treatment of Dengue
  • No matter the gravity of the disease, there are a number of medications available to treat Dengue.
  • Most of these allopathic medicines are administered orally.
  • Acetaminophen is commonly used to treat the fever and body aches.
  • The physician may also prescribe OTC pain killers. However, aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium are strictly avoided.
  • In case of severe Dengue attacks, you may have to stay under medical supervision for 3-4 days.
  • You may need Intravenous fluids or blood transfusions to make up for the loss of electrolytes or blood platelets.
  • But if you are wary of chemical pills and injections, you can opt for the Ayurvedic treatment for Dengue.
  • It is a multi-step course that recommends dietary changes, Yoga and antipyretic herbs to control Dengue symptoms.
  • Ayurvedic formulations can effectively prevent Dengue-related complications.
  • If you follow them religiously, Ayurvedic remedies can set you on the road to recovery within a week!
Get Out of Harm’s Way: Prevention of Dengue
  • Use a Mosquito Repellant: if you visit any tropical country, prevention is your best treatment for Dengue. Make sure to apply mosquito repellent oils, creams or gels. You can also use bed nets or herbal fumes to shoo away mosquitoes. Neem leaves are best known for the latter.
  • Bite Into Immunity-Boosting Foods: All antioxidant rich food items like fruits, nuts, Ginger, garlic etc. can help to pump up your immune system functions. When your body’s shield is strong, Dengue will not be able to move you an inch!
  • Get Your Vaccines: Even though it has limited effects, taking a vaccine is far better than popping dengue medication later. A single shot can protect you for months. It's sure to give you an extra protective shield when you plan your vacation in monsoon-friendly countries!
  • Keep Your Surroundings Clean: Aedes mosquito breed in clear water. Make sure that none of your favourite garden pots, garage vessels or air conditioning machines is collecting water. Clean them regularly.
  • Take it With a Tang: Increase your consumption of citrus fruits, especially if you are in a dengue-prone environment. You can even continue to take them once you start experiencing fever or chills.
Sweating Out the Fever: Home Remedies for Dengue
  • Turmeric Milk: Curcumin is the main compound of Turmeric which makes it a great anti-inflammatory remedy for reducing fever. As a bonus, it also helps to build up your immunity against infections. Drink up a glass of lukewarm Turmeric milk every day for best results.
  • Barley Sips: You might have tried as a grain before, but Dengue infection is the ideal moment to try Barley tea! This bland-tasting drink can help you maintain healthy platelet levels. It also provides essential antiviral compounds for recovery.
  • Drink Up - Everything: One of the most fatal side effects of Dengue is dehydration. It can worsen your symptoms, if not push you to severity. So, consume at least 2 litres of water every day. You can also alternate between fruit juices and herbal teas.
  • Fenugreek Seed Water: Soak some seeds overnight. Boil and drink up their water in the morning. Fenugreek seeds are rich in rare minerals like Vitamin K that protect your muscles from feverish damage. It also helps to boost immunity.
  • Papaya Leaves Drink: While the other home remedies to treat dengue may not have raised your brows, be ready to take this one with a pinch of patience. 2 tbsp. of the juice of Papaya leaves can drive away your chills, muscle cramps and exhaustion.
Natural Goodness: Ayurvedic Herbs for Dengue
  • Guduchi: We’ve tried it, Ayurveda recommends it - even the other herbs for dengue shy away to compete against this! Popularly called Giloy, this herb is a strong antipyretic. It can fight against microbial infections to control and cease their growth.
  • Holy Basil: A simple but effective supplement for dengue treatment at home. Its strong antioxidants help to break the Dengue fever cycles. You can either chew up some leaves with honey or drink a cup of refreshing Tulsi powder decoction daily.
  • Neem Tea: One of the most trusted ways to treat dengue-induced platelet death. It raises the number of WBCs and protects platelets. Regular consumption of Neem decoction can improve the body's ability to fight off the Dengue virus.
  • Shunthi: You may find this herb right on your kitchen counter disguised as “Ginger”. It is a combo of both antipyretic and anti-inflammatory compounds. It also stimulates the digestive fire to clear your gut off all toxins.
  • Punarnava: This herb is specially recommended for its deep cleansing effects. It helps to regulate the body heat, hitting at your fever points. Also, Punarnava can detoxify the lungs, blood and other vital organs.
Speed Up Healing: Yoga for Dengue Recovery
  • Dengue treatment still faces a series for challenges, owing to the double-edged attack of this infection.
  • It arrests the metabolism, joints and brain functions altogether, so as to halt your body’s healing process.
  • Therefore, it is not sufficient to use natural ways to treat dengue fever only.
  • Yoga offers a relaxing medium to enrich the body, while eliminating the toxins that make your dengue worse.
  • Here are some Yoga asanas every Dengue patient can try when his/her fever is under control:
  • Anuloma Viloma: A soothing breathing exercise that helps to clear the lungs. It strengthens the muscles of the heart and gut. Relieves inflammation in neural tissues.
  • Sarvangasana: A great posture to beat stress and anxiety. Enhances digestion. Tones full body muscles for better stamina.
  • Matsyasana: Literally named as “destroyer of diseases”. Opens the pores of bodies to facilitate toxin elimination. Improves the musculoskeletal strength.

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