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Why is Oral Health Important?
  • You may see a person’s feelings through his eyes, but the physical health can only be known through his mouth.
  • Food, water and air enters through the dental cavity.
  • Along with it, harmful dust, pollutants and microbes can also enter, which may result in sickness.
  • If you have a heavy buildup of toxins due to poor lifestyle habits, diet etc, the oral cavity would also suffer from infections, yellowing or ulcers.
  • The effects of oral disorders are clearly visible in indigestion, poor physical and mental health.
  • If you want to guard against these diseases, it is imperative to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Gum and teeth health can be maintained by religiously following oral hygiene methods and a healthy diet.
  • In case of emergency situations, fluoride treatment, cleaning, antibiotics and surgeries are effective ways to treat oral problems.
Bad Breath: Symptoms of Poor Oral Health
  • Deteriorating Teeth Health: The teeth might loosen up from the dental sockets due to receding gums. The same can be felt while eating, brushing or speaking.
  • Swollen Jaw: If the infection is high, there might be swelling in the oral cavity, mostly on the gums, teeth roots or the cheek lining.
  • Sensitivity: If the enamel is damaged, you will feel sensitivity to hot or cold things. It can be permanent or temporary in nature.
  • Bad Breath or Teeth Colour: Probably the first signs of poor oral health. It can be indicative of deficiency of nutrients, bleeding or any infection.
  • Ulcers or Sores: This is the last stage of decay in the tooth. In appearance they look like a sac filled with fluid.They are painful and can spread from one tooth to another rapidly.
What Causes Low Oral Health
  • Wrong brushing: Plaque or tartar are the simplest reasons for oral disorders. When brushing is not done the right way, the plaque is hardened. It then seeps into the gums causing gingivitis and weakening of tooth sockets.
  • Frequent Acidity: Acid reflux and human vomit reacts with the teeth coating. They are even responsible for wearing off the gum lining.
  • High Sugar: It can be a cause of enamel damage, robbing the calcium strength of teeth.
  • Chronic Disorders: Essential minerals are lost due to chronic disorders like HIV, diabetes and AIDS. Microbial attacks and inflammations can easily take place due to this.
  • Playing Hormones: During menopause, deficiency of calcium may happen in women. This may deteriorate teeth coating. Men also face a similar process in their old age.
How to Get Past: Treatment for Oral Disorders
  • Cleaning: This procedure helps in flushing out tartar or impurities stuck between teeth. It is advisable to perform it twice a year to avert the major side effects of oral disorders like redness, gum swelling, and enamel shedding.
  • Root Canal: It is a surgical procedure to remove a decayed nerve from the gums. Although painful, it provides long term relief. It is used only in severe cases.
  • Filling: In this, the top layer of the teeth is replaced with a chemical mixture which then prevents the growth of cavities. This procedure is also used to correct dental structure.
  • Antibiotics: They come in various forms like mouthwash, capsule or gel. They are used to treat abscesses and gum infections.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Oral Disorders: Ayurveda treats using herbal remedies and changes in diet. It’s main focus is on increasing the quality of dental structures, increasing the strength and also improving the rate of self repair.
  • Pastes, toothpastes, gels and mount washes typically describe the nature of Ayurvedic remedies.
  • If the decay is caused by poor metabolism or an imbalance in hormones, tablets may also be prescribed.
  • Both of them coupled with each other help to get rid of the visible and non-visible signs of mouth disorders, leaving a healthy oral cavity behind.
Preventive Tips for an Eternal Beautiful Shine
  • Oral Hygiene Must: Brush your teeth before going to bed and in the morning with a fluoride based toothpaste and a soft bristled brush. Floss can be used after brushing.
  • Keep Sugar Intake in Check: Reduce sugar as much as possible and eat a diet which is rich in calcium and vitamins. Limit beverages, baked items, etc as they also contain sugar.
  • Quit Tobacco: Tobacco damages teeth like no other can. Quit tobacco in all forms like cigarettes, chewable stimulants or drugs. The early signs include yellowing, sensitivity, or gum redness.
  • Dentist Checkups: Try to schedule a visit to your dentist in every quarter. And more so early if you observe any symptoms of oral disorder.
To Strengthen Teeth and Gums: What Can You Do at Home?
  • Fenugreek Tea: This tea extracts toxins from the mouth, helps in reducing hypersensitivity and also cleans the tongue. It is an immediate and the best treatment for oral disorders.
  • Guava: You must have never thought of guava as a remedy! But munching a bowl of guava can reduce bad breath or bleeding gums. Even chewing guava leaves also helps.
  • Turmeric and Clove Paste: How can the age old Turmeric not come to the rescue! Mix it with clove paste and apply on the swollen areas of your mouth. It relieves cavity aches and gum injuries and lightens tooth sockets.
  • Salt and Lime Therapy: This therapy increases calcium deposition and rebuilds the enamel. It whitens the teeth increasing its strength at the same time.
Ayurveda’s Treasure for Oral Disorders
  • Neem: It is one of the best oral disorder treatments at home. Neem is anti-inflammatory which makes it super effective against cavities, gingivitis and tissue damage. It is a natural tongue cleaner. Neem leaves powder or its twig can be used for dental cleansing.
  • Aloe Vera: Pluck a leaf, slit it and take the gel out. If you don't have a plant, just buy the gel. Apply it directly on mouth ulcers and cancers to soothe them. It also helps subside the red rashes caused by heavy brushing.
  • Amla: Rich in Vitamin C, it helps to prevent enamel shedding. It can be used as an everyday mouthwash as it strengthens the bond between gums and teeth.
  • Triphala: This magic herb treats all kinds of toothaches and prevents tooth decay caused by age or degradation. All that you have to do is make a concoction or paste of 1-2 tbsp of Triphala powder and apply it on your gums religiously every morning.
  • Oil Pulling: The magic oral healthcare in Ayurveda, oil pulling technique is swishing 1-2 sips of oil in your mouth for a good 15-20 minutes every morning. Use sesame or coconut oil for the same. It pulls out plaque, yellow deposition and black clots from every nook and corner of teeth. It also soothes any sort of inflammation.
Yoga Poses for Oral Health
  • It might be surprising to know that Yoga is one of the natural ways to treat oral problems.
  • Mind and body are deeply affected by yogic postures.
  • Yoga helps to discard toxins from the blood preventing teeth damage.
  • Physically, they unclench the jaws, stimulate tongue muscles for better speech and are a great stress buster.
  • Do try these yoga postures at home:
  • Sukshma Yoga: It is a lower jaw exercise. It reduces the swelling and pain of dental issues. It's a simple but effective technique that tightens the grip of gums.
  • Pranayama: The breathing exercises are known as pranayam. It brings in mind-body balance. It helps increase air and blood circulation around the gums and can even help in treating pyorrhoea.
  • Matsyasana: It involves stretching the muscles of the neck and shoulders boosting blood flow to the upper body. This soothes pain-producing receptors.

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