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What happens if varicocele is left untreated?
  • More than its immediate symptoms, the after effects of varicocele problem make it a looming cloud on men’s health.
  • Over time, it can cause irreversible damage on the reproductive organs, resulting in a series of disorders.
  • Testicle shrinkage: With the pooling of blood in vessels, testicular temperature increases significantly. It can contract the muscles and tissues of the organ.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Owing to the lack of nutrition, testicular cells may reduce production of testerone. This can trigger physical weakness, poor stamina and low libido.
  • Infertility: Though the causes are unknown, it is found that untreated varicocele inhibits a person’s fertility by degrading sperm quality and sexual well being.
How do you fix a varicocele?
  • Once the varicocele diagnosis is confirmed, choice of repair procedure largely depends on the extent of testicle damage.
  • Open surgery: Has the highest success rate. An incision is made on the abdomen or groin area to clear clots. Requires at least 2 weeks for full recovery.
  • Laparoscopic surgery: Moderately used. Incision is made on the abdomen to pass a small device and overhaul the varicocele.
  • Percutaneous embolization: Very rarely used. A tube is inserted through the groin to release a chemical solution into the varicocele. It helps to repair the tissues and clear the blockage. Recovery takes 7-10 days.
  • Varicocele natural treatment: It uses dietary regulations, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies to normalize reproductive functions. Can avert the risks of varicocele recurrence and minimise side effects.
Which is the best treatment for varicocele?
  • Even though allopathic medicines and surgeries offer an immediate solution for varicocele pain, they are not essentially harmless.
  • A wide majority of patients may experience fluid build up around the groin, internal infection and arterial damage after their surgery.
  • Additionally, the patient may have to undergo a rigorous period of abstinence and bed rest to ensure effective recovery.
  • On the other hand, Ayurvedic varicocele remedies offer a chemical-free treatment.
  • They do not lead to scarring, long term side effects or tissue damage.
  • You can easily resume your daily activities while following a treatment chart.
  • Since Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural herbs, they can easily fit your budget and food preferences too.
  • All these features make Ayurvedic remedies one of the best varicocele treatment available today.
What is the main cause of varicocele?
  • Medical researches conducted to identify varicocele causes have remained inconclusive till date.
  • But it is observed that such a condition may arise from poor blood flow through the spermatic cord.
  • At times, the veins or arteries present in the groin region are not able to transfer blood at the adequate pace.
  • This leads to an accumulation of blood in the tissues, thereby swelling up the vein walls.
  • As time progresses, this blockage becomes stringent and converts to a varicocele.
Is a varicocele serious?
  • Varicocele diagnosis can be overwhelming, but it is not necessarily dangerous.
  • You can easily curb its physical symptoms like pain, swelling and abdominal uneasiness with preventive measures.
  • However, it is advised to consult your physician for preventing its possible complications like infertility and shrinkage.
  • Right sided varicocele could also be an indication of blockage in abdomen organs, carcinoma or tumour growth.
  • Make sure to monitor your health conditions as you undergo your treatment.
  • Is varicocele an emergency?
  • There are no medical reasons to brand varicocele dangerous for life.
  • You can easily treat/repair it using the modern techniques available today.
  • But you may have to undergo a prolonged treatment to cure its associated complications.
  • For instance, varicocele-related infertility and scrotal swelling can leave a lasting effect on your sexual health.
  • Nonetheless, there are no reported cases of deaths by varicocele.
Can varicocele affect kidneys?
  • It is a noted fact that varicocele can increase in size as you age.
  • This growth may put additional pressure on the prostate gland, thereby stressing the kidney tissues.
  • Such a condition may give you urinary problems at night.
  • And as your urine frequency increases, you may notice a significant decrease in kidney health.
Can a varicocele burst?
  • Yes. Putting sudden and strong pressure on the varicocele scrotum area can lead to a vein rupture.
  • This may cause blood leakage in tissues and extreme pain in the abdomen.
  • Possible risk factors for varicocele rupture are chronic constipation, sexual intercourse and heavy lifting.
How can I check my varicocele at home?
  • Observing physical symptoms and examination of the scrotal area are the best ways to check for varicocele growth.
  • Dull pain/heaviness, “worm ball-like” texture of scrotal bag and discomfort are the physical signs to look out for.
  • For a more thorough check, stand up straight and take a long breath.
  • Hold it inside and bend down. Watch out for any protrusion of veins under the scrotum/testicle area.
  • Fortunately, minor cases can be cured using varicocele home treatment techniques.
  • These include a fibre-rich diet, Kegel exercises and herbal remedies like Chandraprabha Vati, Sukumaram Kashayam and Arnica.
Is varicocele curable without surgery?
  • Varicocele embolisation is being opted by a number of patients to treat the disorder.
  • It is a minimal incision operation where the inflamed veins are cut off from blood supply.
  • This in turn shrinks their size and repairs the damaged tissues.
  • But you can opt for Ayurvedic remedies to cure varicocele in a knife-less way.
  • These medicinal formulations can treat your immediate symptoms and prevent further complications too.
Is varicocele surgery painful?
  • Typical varicocele operation takes about 2-4 hours, where a moderate size incision is made on your abdomen or groin.
  • Your physician may use sleep-inducing drugs or general anesthesia for the procedure.
  • Either ways, the patient is least likely to experience pain during the operation.
  • In rare cases, he may get pangs of pain till after the surgery.
  • But they can be curbed with OTC painkillers and general medication.
Will varicocele go away on its own?
  • Varicocele may go unnoticed for years if it does not produce any physical symptoms.
  • But it can grow worse as you age, perform physical exercises or indulge in sexual intercourse.
  • Early diagnosis and mindful prevention are the only means to prevent its consequences.
Does exercise help varicocele?
  • Physical exercise is one of the most popular alternative varicocele cure.
  • But it is important to choose the right form of exercise and perform them in the correct order to get the best benefits.
  • The “high risk” exercises for varicocele patients are jumping (basketball etc.), high intensity (weightlifting etc.) and long duration activities.
  • And “high benefit” exercises include yoga and light swimming.
  • It is mandatory to take a cool shower before and after the exercises.
  • And, it would be best to do a minor warm-up before beginning your daily regime.
Why varicocele is common on left side?
  • Left varicocele occurs in a majority of men between the ages of 20-50 years.
  • This is mainly due to the anatomical make up of a man’s body.
  • The testicular veins are located on the left side of the scrotal bag.
  • It is their inflammation which leads to the eventual growth of varicocele.
How expensive is varicocele surgery?
  • There are three major varieties of surgeries to repair varicocele bilateral.
  • Each of them may incur a different charge on your pocket.
  • In general, the operation charge can fall between $4,188 to $6,822.
  • It is generally covered under a person’s health insurance/plan.
Can you walk after varicocele surgery?
  • A timely surgery may make your testicle varicocele symptoms invisible to the eye, but it still doesn’t pull you out of the danger.
  • Performing physical exercises like jogging after the surgery can increase the pressure on the spermatic veins.
  • After some days, it may lead to a rupture or increase the risks of recurrence of varicocele.
  • However, it is suggested to walk for 1-2 minutes after every 2-3 hours, post your first day of bed rest.
  • Keeping up with this practice can aid in your recovery.
Is walking good for varicocele?
  • Light and short duration exercises like Yoga, walking etc. can increase the blood flow towards the varicocele pain area.
  • This may reduce your symptoms and aid in pumping up sexual health.
  • But make sure to walk for short periods of time at one go.
  • Wear loose and light clothing when you go for a walk.
  • And walk at a slow pace because running/jogging can tighten the testicle veins.
Can varicocele surgery increase sperm?
  • Definitely. Successful varicocele surgeries can normalize the sperm production process, thereby boosting their count and quality.
  • They are also proven to increase semen quantity, improve erection and correct hormonal imbalance.
  • However, varicocele surgeries also pose a number of health challenges.
  • They can lead to a range of minor and severe side effects like infection, pain and arterial injury.
  • Alternatively, you can use Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Kapikachu etc. that boost sperm count naturally.
Can I get pregnant if my husband has varicocele?
  • Varicocele gradually decreases the fertility of men, but it can be completely cured with medical treatment.
  • Varicocelectomy is an effective procedure that dissolves the blood vessel blockage and optimizes sperm production.
  • You can also try Ayurvedic remedies and Yoga exercises to tone the reproductive system.
  • Each of these measures can increase the fertility rates of couples with 20-30%.
What are the side effects of varicocele surgery?
  • Hydrocele: Accumulation of fluid around the scrotal sac. It can double up the tissue inflammation.
  • Abnormal body vitals: Feeling of nausea, high fever and pinching pain in the abdomen/pelvic region.
  • Urinary problems: Difficulty in urinating and inability to empty the bladder in one go are common complaints.
  • Infection: It can occur at the incision site or inside the tissues. May prolong your recovery time.
  • Scrotal swelling: Redness and inflammation usually follow right after the surgery. They are hard to treat with ointments or cold therapy.
Which food is good for varicocele?
  • Whole grain: You can consume them in the form of bread, cereal, pasta or rice. They lighten the abdomen muscles and prevent constipation.
  • Leafy greens: Rich source of rare minerals, iron and potassium that enhance muscle strength.
  • Dairy products: They are a must-have for increasing bone and muscle strength. Prefer to opt for low-fat products.
  • Animal proteins: Quickest source of proteins. Lean beef, eggs, chicken and seafood are the top picks.
  • Fresh fruits: Vitamin rich fruits, especially oranges are especially recommended. They promote tissue regeneration.

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