Editorial Policies

Our objective is to earn your trust and that is why we are committed to sharing accurate, precise, current, and honest information.

It is easy to find information these days, but a challenge to uncover solid, reliable facts. We are determined to change this scenario by providing accurate healthcare content to our readers. We work hard to make the health information on our website easy to understand and accessible to all so that you can take the right health decisions for you and your loved ones.

Complicated topics are broken down into simple concepts so that they can be better understood. We also endeavour to avoid unnecessary jargon and vagueness in the content to build confidence in our readers and help them take action that is right for them. No matter what you are looking for, we have solutions for all your queries under one roof. We make it a point to have information about a variety of health ailments and issues. Every piece of content on our website is related to promoting health and wellness through a doable and healthy lifestyle. Our website at all times carries blog posts on a wide range of topics on several health-related issues and treatments that you can refer to in case of an emergency.

We genuinely understand that everyone has a unique health condition and are here to offer relevant options and informative articles to those who are serious about living healthy lives..

Our Mission

Our aim is to be the trustworthy companion you can depend on when you are in search of SAFE health and wellness solutions. Our objective is also to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle. We deliver quality health information that is useful in making a healthy life simple to follow.

We are dedicated to offer only trusted medical and health information based on inputs from professional medical practitioners and endorsed by medical experts. Our experienced editorial team is committed to writing content that is factual and easy on the eye.

The Process to Creating a piece of Content

We have separate editorial and medical teams who work in conjunction to compose quality content that is accurate and imparts relevant knowledge to readers who land on our site. Our experts use their knowledge and experience to write standard material that is readable and easy to assimilate. We believe in going the extra mile to offer guidance that is comprehensive and timely.

The Team

Our team comprises of writers, proofreaders, and editors who generate content that is 100% accurate and gives valuable information. We also have clinicians and other expert contributors who write content for our readers. Our in-house editorial team is supported by medical professionals, oncologists, pharmacists, surgeons, dietitian, and other medical groups. We only deliver content that can help in leading healthy lives and in taking smart decisions to alleviate illnesses.

Our Review Process

Our writers compose content on various medical topics which is then reviewed and corroborated by medical professionals and journalists. Pains are taken to ensure that we do not deliver false information to our readers. Our motivation is to provide useful insights on various medical topics that our readers are looking for. Our review team possesses extensive knowledge of clinical practice, pharmacy, research, and patient advocacy. Every piece of content is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it is to the point and true.

Our Writers

Our writers are hired only after a stringent interview process. All are thoroughly assessed in their experience of writing on medical content. Our content creators hold relevant experience in writing health content and receive rigorous training on best practices in research. Continuous feedback on their quality of work is offered regularly.

Our Data Sources

Health topics and information are extensively researched from reliable sources and studies, academic research papers, information provided by government agencies and medical institutions are referred to for verification of data. Every article composed is started only after researching information from reliable sources. We make sure that the content is obtained from new and authoritative sources. Links to references, studies, and statistics are provided. These strict research guidelines help to track down the authenticity of any information, making the content more reliable.

Up-to-date with the Latest Medical Trends

We have our fingers on the pulse on the most recent medical changes happening globally and articles are updated routinely to provide fresh and relevant information. We have set schedules to maintain materials when there are any changes in clinical guidelines, change in care-giving standards, drug approvals, recommended essential health practices and feedback from readers.

Any alerts from readers regarding content inaccuracy, error, vagueness, or wrong information, triggers quick action to fix the issue. Our medical and the editorial teams are constantly coordinating to incorporate and work on feedback received. Research on the accuracy of the content is conducted, and content is revised, and re-published.

Style and Tone

Efforts are made to keep the content friendly, conversational and easy on the eye. At the same time we are assertive in what we convey. We understand that each person has a unique health condition, and respect the confidentiality of the personal stories that are shared with us. We embrace a specific style guide that assures accuracy, friendly tone, simplicity, and empathy.

There is an emphasis on the use of positive language to maintain hope and encourage action to stay healthy. Our content provides basic resolutions and hacks for day-to-day health queries and to alleviate worry about health issues. It conveys the message that there is always a solution to a problem if you take the right steps and precautions. We are conscious of the language we use in the articles and each piece of content is moderated by our community advocates. We use words that eliminate stigmas and enlighten readers on new trends in the healthcare industry.


Content is written keeping the readers in mind. The code of conduct dictates a strict adherence to keep the language respectable and to avoid any vulgarity or obscenity. Our communication is focused to promote compassion. We embrace a user-centric approach to make our site user-friendly.

Third-party content

Any third party content is vetted by our team to make sure that it abides by our editorial policies and procedures to maintain authenticity.

Your feedback is Welcome

We aim to offer you the best experience when you are browsing our website. We would love to hear from you to help us improve your experience.

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