Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets
Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets

Sleepmitram - 60 Tablets

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  • Regularizes sleep cycle
  • Treats sleeplessness
  • Ayurvedic medicine for anxiety

Dosage: 1-2 tablets per day with warm milk/ warm water 

Quantity: 60 Tablets

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Works Best For

  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Rejuvenation
Juan Skinner

“Tried many herbal remedies before this but got no results. This gave me a permanent solution. Now, I wake up refreshed every morning”

Mason Atkinson

“Costs less than any average supplement and works better. Sleepmitram is truly a blessing for me. Would definitely recommend it to everyone i know!”

Emily Boone

“Starts acting mildly. I could feel a gradual shift in my sleeping pattern. By end of the month, I was sleeping like my baby!”

Benefits of Sleepmitran

Calms the neurons
Calms the neurons

Effectively refines blood chemistry. Corrects the functions of the adrenal gland. Keeps a check on cortisol levels. Flushes out free radicals from all parts of the body. Improves mental capabilities. Best medicine for regulating the processes of the CNS.

Promotes psychological well-being
Promotes psychological well-being

Herbal Ayurvedic medicine for insomnia and other psychological disorders. Used in treatment of depression, abnormal anxiety levels and depression. Improves memory. Reduces oxidative stress on neurons. Relieves mental disturbance. Neutralizes free radicals and toxins like pollutants, cholesterol etc. Alleviates headaches.

Promotes longevity
Promotes longevity

Has organic antioxidants that nourish body tissues. Speeds up repair of injuries and inflamed cells. Detoxifies the blood. Increases overall energy levels. Improves retentivity and thinking capacity. Protects the heart from damage. Enhances metabolic rate. Promotes release of wastes.

Other Benefits

  • Natural adaptogen
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Enhances cognitive capabilities
  • Improves musculoskeletal health
  • Facilitates blood circulation
  • Nourishes the skin and hair

What experts say about us

Dr. Greeshma Nair

“1000 Year old Ayurveda recipes strangely followed to give you effective, easy to use Nirogam products that give amazing results.”

Dr. Divya Vaidya

“Made with High quality herbs after carefully purifying all minerals and metal for excellent products that really work”

Why is it a must have?



Essential ingredient of all Ayurvedic medicines for sleep related issues. Soothes the neurons. Reduces anxiety and stress. Lowers blood pressure to pacify mental strain.



Dilates the blood vessels to induce calmness. Strengthens the muscle tissues. Regulates blood pressure levels. Promotes good sleep. Useful to treat insomnia.



Brain tonic. Neuroprotective in nature. Facilitates blood flow. Keeps the brain alert and sharp. Slows down degradation of skin cells and hair follicles.

Other ingredients

  • Mandukparni
  • Shankhpushpi
  • Pippalamool
  • Khurasani Ajwain
  • Sarpagandha


  • Should be used in prescribed doses.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Consume a plant-based diet to get best results. 
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
Soy Free
Gluten Free
No Sugar
No Preservatives

Frequently asked questions

Can this be used for a long term?
Yes. You can safely use it for a period of 6 to 12 months depending upon your medical condition.
When can I see its effects?
The prescribed dose for every user is dependent upon his/her age, gender and mental health. However, it generally starts giving results between 1-2 months.
Is it safe to be used with allopathic medicines?
Using chemical and herb based medicines together can create adverse effects. If you have to take them daily, maintain a gap of 30 minutes between them. Seek medical advice before taking Sleepmitram with your regular medications.
Is it safe for Diabetics?

Yes. It is safe for everyone. Nonetheless, it is advised to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels as a precautionary measure.

Can I consume it with my multivitamin supplements?
Yes. It does not interact with OTC multivitamin tablets. Consult your physician to know about the supplements you can consume with this medicine.
Why should you buy from Nirogam?

The Nirogam Store offers a wide variety of adaptogenic medicines which treat chronic disorders like anxiety, depression etc. Our products are made from organically cultivated Ayurvedic herbs. So, they are free from side effects and artificial additives. You can shop online from the comfort of your home, buy the products that best suit your condition and get them hand delivered to your doorstep.

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