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Patchy Life with Vitiligo
  • It is easy to not be your usual mental and physical self when inflicted with skin disorders.
  • Especially, when such disorders are clearly visible. Just like in Vitiligo.
  • A malfunctioning immune system causes this serious skin disorder.
  • It affects men more. Nearly a million people are impacted by this disease.
  • For some of the patients, the white patches may retract after treatment.
  • But for most of them, it’s a lifelong disease.
  • Uprooting the disease right at its inception is the best treatment for Vitiligo.
  • Restorative streams like Ayurveda normalises the cellular generation rate. It also normalises the function of the immune system.
  • It helps to shrink the patches of Vitiligo in size leaving a healthy skin.
Symptoms of Vitiligo
  • White Skin Patches: Skin loses its pigmentation in patchy areas. Inception is around the areas of the neck, face, arms and genitals.It can also appear in other parts of the body with some fixed patterns.
  • Premature greying: The loss of colour is also seen in hair. Eyebrows, eye lashes, hair, etc also start turning grey.
  • Discolouration of Mucosal Lining: This symptom not only is vivible as white coloured lines on the cheek lining but also makes it difficult to sleep or speak. It is one of the most disturbing signs of Vitiligo.
  • At times, the major position of the skin gets coloured. This may lead to self esteem issues.
The Culprit: What Causes of Vitiligo
  • When the White Blood cells behave abnormally, an autoimmune disorder condition is created known as Vitiligo.
  • Wbc’s attack the pigment cells causing their death. This leaves behind white coloured patches which are hypersensitive in nature.
  • Going forward, new cells are produced which are also white in colours this increases the surface area of white patches all over the body.
  • The actual reason for such a reaction is unknown.
  • It is thought through medical surveys that immune disorder, stress and sunlight exposure can be the reasons for Vitiligo attacks.
  • Genetics also play a role. If someone in the family already has it, then your chances of getting it increases.
Returning colour to the Patch: Treatment of Vitiligo
  • Chemical Medications: Vitiligo medication if taken in the early stages of the disease can cure the immediate symptoms and slow down the growth rate of the white patches. They are in the form of pills- anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive pills.s
  • Medical Therapy: It evens the skin tone by removing excess pigmentation. Dormant cells are induced so as to produce melanin.
  • Skin Surgery: Expensive procedure with no guarantee of success, it is a grafting technique where healthier tissues are replaced in place of degraded portions of skin.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Vitiligo: Through the use of topical creams and oral herbal formulation, Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo aims to increase the melanin production.
Prevention is better than Cure: Preventive Tips for Vitiligo Outbreaks
  • Get Zinc and Vitamin C: The side effects of Vitiligo can be restrained by zinc and vitamin C. They protect the cells of the skin from effects of chemicals and ageing.
  • Bitter is Good: Astringent food like drumstick, bitter gourd reduce inflammation. Intake of sour, spicy, too sweet and salty items should be avoided.
  • Sunscreen: Effects of Vitiligo as shown in the medical researches, are more on the areas that are prone to UV rays exposure. Thus, ensure the application of sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun.
  • De-Stress: A relaxing sleep is a cure for many ailments! While stressing may not increase vitiligo but it will definitely impact your sleep which in turn will hamper the proper functioning of biological processes.
  • Right drink is important: Vitiligo is linked to too much intake of caffeine and alcohol. Excess toxin buildup happens due to both of them which worsens the symptoms.
Kitchen Treasures: Home Remedies for Vitiligo Attacks
  • Papaya Pulp: One of the famed ways to treat Vitiligo patches, all that you need to do is rub a piece of papaya on the affected area. Once dried , rinse it off. Papaya contains bioactive compounds which stimulate pigment production that in turn shrinks the blots.
  • Red Clay: One of the best Vitiligo treatments at home, the high concentration of magnesium, copper and other minerals normalise the skin tissue functions. Make a paste of red clay and ginger juice in equal proportion and apply it on the affected area daily.
  • Walnut Packs: Applying walnut paste on your patchy skin for 15 minutes daily can be a better remedy than eating 3-4 walnuts. Walnut-water paste is rich in moisturizing compounds that prevent spreading of white patches.
  • Turmeric Coating: As much this spice is naturally golden, it can make your skin even more glowing! Mix up some Turmeric powder with sesame oil and apply it on your patches 2 times every day. You can wash it off after 20 minutes. Over time, it's sure to restore the natural tone of your skin.
  • Copper Bottle: Where other home remedies to treat Vitiligo may seem somewhat bothersome, this one’s as easy as cakewalk. All you need to do is change your regular water bottle with one made of copper. The infused minerals from the copper bottle will curb your Vitiligo attacks.
Nature’s Word: Ayurvedic Herbs for Vitiligo
  • Holy Basil: Make a thick paste with Basil leaves powder and lime juice. Apply it on white patches and wash once dry. Do this practice every day to even the skin tone - naturally.
  • Bakuchi: This is a potent herb that can be used as a tablet or paste. It aids in reducing the size of white patches and correcting the skin tone. Over time, Bakuchi can enhance your skin texture too!
  • Manjistha: Of all other herbs for Vitiligo, this is a must-try remedy. It has a deep cleansing and rejuvenating effect on skin. It helps to regulate the pigment production rate of cells, thereby covering up patches for good!
  • Neem: It supplements the Ayurvedic treatment for Vitiligo by protecting the skin against free radical damage and microbial infections. If your white patches are giving you a lot of itch or dryness, then this is the herb you should run to.
  • Giloy: This is an immuno-regulatory herb. It helps to prevent Vitiligo attacks. Giloy also corrects the metabolic rate to speed up the healing process. In short, it adds a high benefit quotient to Vitiligo treatment.
Calming Exercise: Yoga to Fight Vitiligo
  • More than an exercise, Yoga is an enricher for natural ways to treat Vitiligo.
  • It doubles up the rate with which your skin is detoxified, repaired and rejuvenated.
  • Yoga also helps to curb the secret triggers of Vitiligo attacks like stress, hormonal imbalances, poor metabolism etc.
  • Here are some Yoga asanas for Vitiligo that you should try:
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama: A strong breathing exercise that clears up the lung cavity of pollutants and inflammatory toxins. Increases air flow to all parts of the body.
  • Padmasana: Corrects the body posture. Stimulates the brain tissues for better stress control. Relieves inflammation in muscles and ligaments.
  • Makrasana: Relaxes the upper body. Improves lung function. Enhances mental alertness. Tones the spinal muscles for better physical strength.

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